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BitUP Ltd, a professional digital asset management and investment platform. BitUP Ltd is a financial technology company specializing in digital asset allocation and trading. We build data models through algorithms and products to assist investment experts in providing financial advisory services. Our company is committed to providing professional digital asset portfolio products, adopting scientific and effective digital asset allocation methods, helping investors at all levels to enter the digital asset field, properly managing various digital assets, and dispersing individual digital assets on the one hand. Investment risks, on the other hand, increase the overall return on digital assets. BitUP Ltd's mission is to make everyone an investment expert in digital assets. The investment products involved in this platform are collectively referred to as digital asset portfolio, referred to as DAC (Digital Assets Combination). BitUP would have some specific functions: 1.BitUP Platform will charge asset managers a certain fee in BUT for the creation of DACs. 2.BUT will be Used for rebates or rewards to users who buy or sell fund products on BitUP platforms. 3.BUT will be automatically given as incentives to investment managers and other third parties according to rules governed by smart contracts. The asset allocation combinations they created, along with all operations, will be transparent and open to all investors. All performance will be quantitatively evaluated. 4.BUT holders would obtain exclusive access to premium services (e.g. market intelligence and research reports) on the BitUP Platform by paying BUT. 5.Through DACs created by asset managers, BUT holders would get the opportunity to access opportunities which would otherwise not be available to the general public.
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