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GoldMint PTE LTD is a Russian-Singaporean blockchain-company, whose main goal is to completely reform the market of loans secured by gold, by implementing complex blockchain-solutions and automatizing the process of evaluating gold items. GoldMint is developing a digital asset GOLD, that is 100% backed by real gold, bought under delivery futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. This asset acts as a stable unit in the cryptocurrency market, and also is used for issuing loans as a liquid collateral, and this way increases the transparency and security of the whole industry. GOLD assets operate in GoldMints custom blockchain which has a unique consensus algorithm, based on Sumus solutions. GOLD operations are maintained by MNTP token holders, rewarded by a 75% commission fee. For an automatic evaluation process and decreasing the price of storing gold items, GoldMint is developing a vending gold storage "Custom Bot", equipped with a spectrometer, scales, cells for storage, and connected to the blockchain. All inspection data of the items will stored onto the blockchain, by so, providing transparency of the processes.
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