LKR Coin

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zł 45,676
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zł 387.15
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LKR Coin is a cryptocurrency that strives to reward the human potential, with a stable exchange rate, which offers a higher and guaranteed rate of return of the investment. LKR Coin has a low supply that allows it to protect the price in the market and ensure its revaluation. SDC (controlled distribution system) a multi-level faucet, where we impulse competitiveness among users by creating levels of promotion with different amounts of rewards for each level with basic and premium accounts giving advantage to users who like to earn more in less time. PACC Program of attention to the users and commerce. This cryptocurrency, due to its versatility is leaded to individuals and bussines with minimized risks and investors with maximum growth. Save your assets and make them last over time. Your investment will be secure with LKRCoin. Do you want to apply for your bussines. Send us your request.
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