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The Opal team consists of several experienced members of the altcoin community with skills ranging from coin development and programming to website development and marketing. The team is committed to seeing Opal succeed and will work hard to ensure this happens. Opal is structured with as a coin with no premine, no ICO/IPO with all funding and expenses covered by the development team. It is because of this approach that the team believes that Opal can be taken to the pinnacle of innovation. The Opal team firmly believes in customer and investor feedback and welcome this to further cement Opal's position in real world adoption. Regular updates by the team is a key focus that is to be extended upon while carrying out all projects. The initial Phase 1 roadmap was completed swiftly and with relative ease. The Phase 2 roadmap was primarily built on innovation. In order to push the current sphere, a new stance was formed to enhance the way users and merchants utilize Opal beyond the realms of trading.
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