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Roobee is a blockchain based investment service which utilizes AI and fully transparent statistics to help people make intelligent investments in digital assets. Roobee will allow token holders to build an investment portfolio filled with investment products that would typically be inaccessible to ordinary investors. Products like real estate, shares in promising startups, venture and investment funds, IPOs, stock and cryptocurrency market products will be on offer and users can begin by investing just $10 in fiat or crypto! Owners of Roobee tokens may pay fewer fees on investments than capital managers, investment funds, traders and others usually charge. To date, Roobee's business model has been tested by thousands of users and our community of potential investors has grown to more than 300,000. More than $15 million has already passed through the Roobee test system. The leading blockchain-developer at Roobee is the winner of the largest Ethereum-hackathon in the world ETH Waterloo (> 400 developers), among whose judges and speakers were Vitalik Buterin (creator of Ethereum), and other world-renowned developers.
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