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Protect Your Content We’re using blockchain technology to protect your intellectual property. Typerium will keep your content safe from intellectual property thieves. Creative Software Our integrated and intuitive design software allows creators to produce high-quality visual content for any platform without needing any previous design experience. Marketplace We’re developing a decentralised marketplace that not only protects the intellectual property rights of content creators, but provides them with an 85% commission on all sales. There are no waiting times for payouts, and 5% of each sale is redistributed among those who use the platform. Social Media Network We’re creating a community-driven social network that rewards users, so you don’t have to rely on just your sales. You’ll also be rewarded for your contributions. Integrated Ecosystem We’re creating a global network of creators using a single currency, TYPE Tokens. All content within the Typerium eco-system is bought and sold with TYPE Tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for fiat currency through exchanges at any time.
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