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MINING 2.0: THE PLATFORM Whalesburg is the world's first automated solution, that makes enterprise mining tools available for everyone. Whalesburg mining platform is a software bundle for cryptocurrency miners. Our software has three primary goals: 1. Simplify the setup of your mining operation. 2. Increase your yield. 3. Offer you the best time-saving mining tools. It consists of five main parts: 1. Multi-currency mining pool. 2. Operating system. 3. Whalesburg Cloud. 4. Profit-switching solution. 5. Hardware monitoring & management software This is the only all-in-one enterprise scale solution for mining offered to individual miners as well as to massive mining farms, that uses sustained mathematic models for an effective profit-switching. The team have released proof-of-concept version and updated it to an MVP which is a stand-alone working product. Miners will need to hodl a certain amount of WBT to be able to use the platform and voting system (decentralized governance). https://pool.whalesburg.com/ - MVP
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