Zestawienie największych rynków wg obrotu

Nazwa Opis Obrót 24h
BitMax zł 58,700,438,224
EXX zł 13,284,491,642
Bibox zł 6,957,246,517
Huobi Global zł 5,375,270,314
Digifinex zł 5,166,717,245
MXC zł 4,643,015,163 zł 4,460,500,379
FCoin zł 4,448,778,733
Bkex zł 4,410,467,839
CoinBene zł 4,395,507,956
COINBIG zł 4,390,554,894
ZB zł 4,372,867,492
OKEx zł 4,308,940,828
ZBG zł 4,232,735,415
LATOKEN zł 3,911,296,889
Binance zł 3,815,151,213
Lbank zł 3,742,355,797
Coineal zł 3,671,760,273
BTCEXA zł 3,541,507,279
Bitforex zł 3,479,162,846
FatBTC zł 3,467,608,721
Idax zł 3,453,051,381
Bit-Z zł 3,243,418,507
CoinTiger zł 2,956,564,862
Biki zł 2,794,727,938
HitBTC HitBTC is the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange. Since 2013, HitBTC has been providing markets for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, USDT, and more than 300 cryptocurrencies in total.

Created by outstanding technical minds, high-level finance professionals and experienced traders, HitBTC is delivering the most reliable, fast and powerful platform solution on the market.

The platform has earned its reputation for fault-tolerance, flawless uptime and high availability. Its core matching engine is among the best technological products in its class, offering traders a wide range of features such as real-time clearing and cutting-edge order matching algorithms.

Key Features:
Rebate system - attractive to the most powerful market makers, creating high liquidity
No limits for deposit or withdrawal of digital assets
Cutting-edge matching engine technologies
Wide range of available instruments (more than 500)
The most advanced API on the market (REST API and FIX API)
The access to the crypto assets exchange platform technology under the registered trademark “HitBTC” is provided in accordance with the Terms of Service.
zł 2,672,926,710
Hotbit zł 2,581,111,327
TopBTC zł 2,554,571,419
Bilaxy zł 2,522,104,883
BITKER zł 2,413,071,778
P2PB2B zł 2,350,125,425
QBTC zł 2,321,578,919
BCEX zł 2,300,273,107
Bithumb zł 2,241,672,385
IDCM zł 2,156,197,927
BitAsset zł 2,119,793,245
KuCoin zł 2,073,400,019
Bione zł 2,033,968,256
BitMart zł 2,005,664,241
Bitoffer zł 1,943,746,264
Dobitrade zł 1,826,275,052
TOKOK zł 1,745,721,985
Bgogo zł 1,731,211,235
HPX zł 1,579,337,572
CoinEx zł 1,575,166,941
FUBT zł 1,557,482,780
ZG.TOP zł 1,482,908,402
LocalTrade zł 1,319,127,426
Vindax zł 1,289,342,473
Exrates Exrates is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that has official Estonian license, and was founded in 2016.

Exrates has about 200 coins listed on it's platform with average daily trading volumes up to $80,000,000.

Exrates's platform was recently upgraded with a new unique design and enhanced functionality. In addition to that, Exrates now has an IEO launchpad - X-Platform. It also has Analytical Department which publishes trading signals on a daily basis along with an opportunity to open a fiat bank account with 24 fiat currencies.

Further information about Exrates exchange can be found at
zł 1,285,597,578
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