Zestawienie największych rynków wg obrotu

Nazwa Opis Obrót 24h
Livecoin zł 110,021,856
EXMO zł 101,949,640
Tokenize zł 99,959,421
BTSE BTSE is your Bitcoin futures exchange to trade with confidence and ease.

BTSE‘s mission is to make institutional-grade security and stability available to every crypto trader.

BTSE’s platform is built to facilitate reliable 24/7 trading. It uses an extremely powerful matching engine that eliminates the risk of system overloads, as well as horizontal scaling which enables BTSE to do hot upgrades with zero downtime. BTSE’s insurance fund, strict security protocols, and self-hosted servers allow for the highest level of security for our traders.
zł 97,063,846
FTX (Spot) zł 93,061,922
BTCTurk zł 91,438,615
Binance US zł 87,996,771
Paribu zł 82,531,586
Coindeal zł 70,410,593
Bitso zł 68,769,693
BitBay zł 65,771,129
OKCoin zł 62,160,088
LakeBTC zł 59,344,040
Zaif zł 55,790,446
OKEx Korea zł 54,131,160
GoPax zł 45,961,416
Decoin Founded in 2017, Decoin is an exchange designed by the crypto community for the crypto community. Our mission is to provide a maximum-security exchange that has an easy-to-use interface for novice users, and advanced trading features for industry veterans. Decoin’s ecosystem also includes a profit-sharing coin called DTEP, which is powered by an independent blockchain using a PoS consensus algorithm. We are led by an experienced team of fintech experts, financial professionals, and experienced traders. zł 45,506,898
Vebitcoin zł 45,263,685
Korbit zł 36,230,961
FinexBox zł 36,137,123
NovaDAX zł 33,722,941
Cashierest zł 33,407,717
GMO Japan zł 33,102,243
BTCMarkets zł 31,394,375
Indodax zł 31,331,642
BTCEXA zł 26,224,113
CEX.IO zł 25,785,313
Independent Reserve zł 24,853,949
Luno zł 22,212,791
BitoPro zł 22,007,095
Bitkub zł 21,591,233
OasisDEX OasisDEX is a decentralized application which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Allowing anyone to trade tokens, borrow against them and earn savings using Dai. zł 14,685,891
Bitpanda Global Exchange zł 13,193,140
Mercado Bitcoin zł 13,191,543
Max Maicoin zł 9,893,890
CoinFLEX zł 8,482,209
Coinfloor Coinfloor is the UK’s longest established Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange. Founded with a focus on trust, security and reliability, our goal has always been to create a safe and accessible place to trade and invest in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Coinfloor’s history goes back to 2012 when we experienced first hand the challenges of buying, selling and trading bitcoins in the UK, and wanted to build a business that solved this problem. zł 6,607,228
Vinex Vinex is a dynamic and fast growing centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Singapore that offers the following services :-
- High performance trading: up to 500,000 orders per second
- Extensive Support for 3rd-party API used by trading platforms and algorithmic trading bot
- 24/7 support
- Mobile support
- Staking rewardAirdrop center
- OTC support
- Leaderboard as Social Trading Functionality
Vinex is established in year 2018. More information about Vinex exchange can be found at
zł 5,056,209
Float SV zł 4,027,625
Binance DEX zł 3,868,172
Coinzo zł 3,862,617
Resfinex Digital Tokens Exchange For ETH and ERC20 tokens zł 3,732,822
WazirX zł 3,353,062
TheRockTrading zł 3,348,607
ACX zł 2,557,238
DSX zł 2,128,705
Bitexlive zł 1,410,775
Ovex zł 959,401
Bamboo Relay zł 674,752
Eterbase zł 480,362
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