Zestawienie największych rynków wg obrotu

Nazwa Opis Obrót 24h
Huobi US (HBUS) zł 81,729
OTCBTC zł 74,575
Zebpay zł 69,073
Infinity Coin zł 58,905
Dex-Trade Dex-Trade is young but the most technical equiped crypto exchange, it offers traders easy-to-use interface and transactions safity. Since 2018, Dex-Trade team has the most fully range of security measures and security risk control measures in the industry. Dex-Trade welcomes global users and continues to expands digital currency in various countries to provide users with global trading opportunities. High-quality currencies are listed on Dex-Trade to offer traders comprehensive range of digital assets. By your side 24 hours a day, our support team will assist you with any issue or question you may have. zł 51,069
Coinmetro zł 50,071
Altilly zł 48,740
Go Exchange zł 46,403
Nexybit zł 46,217
Vinex Vinex is a dynamic and fast growing centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Singapore that offers the following services :-
- High performance trading: up to 500,000 orders per second
- Extensive Support for 3rd-party API used by trading platforms and algorithmic trading bot
- 24/7 support
- Mobile support
- Staking rewardAirdrop center
- OTC support
- Leaderboard as Social Trading Functionality
Vinex is established in year 2018. More information about Vinex exchange can be found at
zł 45,356
BITEXBOOK zł 44,538
Bitlish zł 43,037
Bit2c zł 41,815
Altmarkets zł 40,074
DDEX zł 38,646
C-Patex zł 33,515
DigitalPrice zł 31,841
Freiexchange zł 26,182
ForkDelta zł 24,793
Txbit zł 24,292
Token.Store zł 23,056
Chainrift zł 22,268
Coingi zł 21,086
BuyUcoin zł 18,948
SafeTrade zł 17,204
OpenLedger DEX zł 17,171
Nova Exchange zł 14,763
Ice3x zł 14,573
BitKonan zł 12,509 zł 11,630
qTrade zł 11,011
Saturn Network zł 9795.3
Fisco zł 8344.0
Bankera zł 7953.5
Bitmesh zł 5641.6
Nash zł 4136.6
Bitfex zł 2357.6
StakeCube zł 2175.7
Neblidex zł 941.04
Binance US zł 814.14
KKEX zł 463.00
Nanu Exchange zł 291.46
EXNCE zł 279.67
Everbloom zł 189.62
Tideal zł 146.72
BOA Exchange zł 103.51
AirSwap zł 3.968
Swiftex zł 0.7288
CredoEx zł 0.6881
NLexch zł 0.04313
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